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ClearView 3: The Next Generation Multifocal IOL
Now FDA approved and available in the United States.
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Rings on Your Glasses?

So, why choose to have them on your IOLs?

life-changing Results

Patients See Near, Intermediate and Far with the ClearView 3 Multifocal

ClearView 3 is a rotationally asymmetric MIOL designed to improve contrast sensitivity, minimize dysphotopsias like halos and glare, and provide superior near, intermediate, and far vision compared to other presbyopic IOLs.

Breakthrough Design
Better Image Contrast in Low Light
Low reported dysphotopsias like glare and halo
Lowest loss of light in Multifocal category
<0.0003% incidence of opacification in the lens material

ClearView 3 Multifocal IOL

The segmented optic design is the first of its kind in the US. Lenstec's patented four-point fixation and design allows surgeons confidence in the IOLs effective lens position within the capsule.

Accuracy in Manufacturing

The ClearView 3 is available in 0.25 diopter power increments with the tightest industry tolerances (+/- 0.11 diopters from labeled power), which assists surgeons in hitting their targeted refractions. Lenstec builds precision into the lens. No other multifocal lens in the world offers such precise dioptric power availability for surgeons and their patients.

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What Our Patients Say

"It’s just amazing! I see far, I see mid, and I see near, which is what I wanted to accomplish” and “Don’t hesitate to do it. It will change your life.

The cataract surgery was so easy. It’s painless and the vision you get as a result of the cataract surgery will totally change your life and make your life easier."

- Mary Ellen Williams

"My vision now after having the ClearView 3, perfect. It’s as close to perfect as it’s going to get.

My close-up is incredible, my intermediate great, my distance even better and I think the biggest perk is that I’m able to drive at night. The headlights are not a bother at all. The adjustment period was really, really a smooth transition for me."

- Larry Sanchez

"I have been conducting clinical research on intraocular lenses (IOLs) for 25+ years. When Lenstec began the FDA study of the ClearView 3 Multifocal IOL, I thought the novel design (no concentric rings) could potentially make this a very special lens.

In later phases of the study, I began to develop cataracts but after seeing the amazing study results, I delayed cataract surgery until the ClearView 3 received FDA approval. Now 6 months postoperative, I continue to be ecstatic with the results. My distance, intermediate and near vision is 20/20 or better, and I have no visual disturbances! It has truly been life changing for me!"

- Blake Harris, Aged 59, Director of Clinical Research

"I am delighted with my vision. My colors are vivid and absolutely wonderful. There is no comparison between now and before. I can do my work with no trouble, life is easy. Distance vision allows me to drive, see the television and I can read and thread a needle."

- Mitra Harris, Aged 71, Retired Patient Liason

"After a consultation with my ophthalmologist I decided to have ClearView implanted and I'm now completely spectacle free.

Working for a private ophthalmic clinic, whose aim is often to reduce dependency on spectacles, I can now use my personal experience to talk to patients with even more confidence about the lens and the procedure."

- Rosemary Adkins, Aged 59, Ophthalmic Clinic Manager

"I can thread a needle now, where as I couldn't before. All the colors are now so much more vibrant. My vision is sharper and I can see further in the distance. My distance vision is much more well defined than before. I now live in a sparkly world."

- Ann Cattell, Aged 65, Retired

"As an anesthesiologist, I require a full range of vision to be able to carry out my job successfully and constantly swapping from one pair of spectacles to another was tiresome and slowed me down.

Since having the procedure, I can now complete duties at work and tasks in gereal life with freedom from spectacles.  I am happy with the result and would recommend having this procedure."

D. Learch, Aged 62, Anesthesiologist

"I had reading glasses everywhere, but I really didn’t want to have reading glasses.

Since surgery 4 or 5 weeks ago, I haven’t even used them. I don’t even know where my glasses are."

Hayden Beatty

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