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Surgeon Testimonials

Neel Desai, MD

“It doesn’t have rings or transition zones in it. It has a segmented bifocal portion of the lens, which is allowing it to divide light for distance, mid and near, and give patients truly spectacle independence, maintaining quality of vision, excellent contrast sensitivity. 

“It has a wonderful dysphotopsia profile, a very friendly dysphotopsia profile. The ClearView 3 lens is a very easy lens to use intraoperatively. Patient satisfaction is exceedingly high.”

Neel Desai, MD

“The precision of the ClearView 3 and how it’s developed, allows a surgeon to dial in a patient’s power needs to a quarter diopter.

“The design and the technology of the ClearView 3 is what sets it apart. It’s a refractive technology, which means we’re not splitting light here. This technology translates to patients being able to read better in dim lighting, see better distance at night, and really have the best vision possible.”

Nicholas Bottaro, DO – Odessa, Fl

“The ClearView 3 provides a full range of vision without the nighttime glare. My patients are extremely happy with this lens.”

Young Choi, MD – Birmingham, AL

“My initial thought was, this is a very straight lens to implant and very forgiving with excellent patient satisfaction.”

Ralph Chu, MD – Bloomington, MN

“The ClearView appears to have fewer positive dysphotopsias and night vision complaints compared to a standard diffractive multifocal IOL. Nearly all patients had excellent uncorrected near acuity and we did not see any loss of best spectacle corrected acuity. Overall, ClearView is a lens that is easily integrated into the arsenal of advanced technology IOLs available to the refractive cataract surgeon.”

Jeff Fischer, MD – Wilmar, MN

“In my own experience with ClearView, I have been very impressed with the quality and range of functional vision that patients obtain as well as their overall happiness. It performs well in low lighting and patients report excellent night driving. It is a great lens that I wouldn’t hesitate to have implanted in my own eyes.”

Sebastian Heersink, MD – Dothan, AL

“The Clearview 3 has quickly become my preferred lens for my patients seeking glasses independence. I finally have a multifocal lens that delivers both an impressive range of vision and optical quality. At first, I was skeptical of the reports of decreased glare and halos because of my experience with other lenses claiming similar things. But I am happy to report that I continue to be blown away by patient satisfaction with this lens.”

Peter Krall, MD – Oceanside, CA

“I would really encourage any surgeon who’s thinking about adopting this technology that it’s worth pursuing. We’ve been really happy, really excited being able to share in our patient’s excitement with how they see with this technology. I’d highly recommend it to any surgeon thinking about it. We find patients adapt very quickly to this lens.”

Michael Manning, MD – Largo, FL

“I think the ideal candidate for a ClearView 3 is a patient who is looking for spectacle independence, but wants to be able to maintain the ability to drive at night with minimal dysphotopsias.”

 Morgan Micheletti, MD

“Multifocal implants, depending on the personality of the patient, require a huge amount of chair time postoperatively. We don’t have that with the ClearView, and that I think, is a huge plus.”

Satish Modi, MD
Hunter Newsom, MD - Tampa FL

“ClearView provides high quality distance, intermediate and near vision and due to the ClearView optic being designed without concentric rings, I believe my patients have limited glare and halos at night compared to other multifocal lenses on the market. My FDA study patients still have excellent vision and are free from glasses.  I see them every year and it makes me confident to recommend the ClearView to my patients today.”

T. Hunter Newsom, MD – Tampa, FL

“I have yet to have a patient who did not want the lens in their second eye. Within probably 5 eyes, I knew this lens provided better outcomes than what I’d been using for the past 10 years.”

Kyle Rhodes, MD

The ClearView 3 has offered us a new way to approach multifocal technology.”

Sheri Rowen, MD

“Because of the great add power that the ClearView 3 lens gives you in terms of the reading portion…patients immediately are just like, oh my God! Wow.….There is a reading component that pops for that patient right away”.

“I would tell younger surgeons or surgeons who are just starting to use this technology, look for patients with low astigmatism, look for patients that have an above average sized pupil in normal light conditions.”

Brian Szabo, DOTampa, FL

“Patients have reported high levels of satisfaction with minimal side effects. I believe the ClearView 3 will be an excellent option for refractive lens surgeons to offer their patients seeking their best vision and independence from glasses after cataract surgery. No patients in the study reported negative dysphotopsia and reported a 94% rate of spectacle independence.”

Jeff Whitsett, MD – Houston, TX

“It’s the IOL that provides the fullest range of vision with the lowest amount of visual disturbances.”

Dagny Zhu
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